Pet Play Interview with Foxxy the Fox Player

Pet Play Interview with Foxxy the Fox Player

This is the first in a series of interviews to be published on Kittens & Kink. Each interview will be with a different member of the kink scene, exploring everything from pet personas, event organisers to professionals working in the industry. These interviews aim to educate, inform and celebrate the kink community.

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Pet Play Interview with Foxxy the Fox Player

To start with, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?

 Foxxy: Hello my name is Foxxy Biscuit! I am a Red Fox Kit from London, UK. I’m friendly, kind and always looking to make new friends! I’m shy at first but once I get to know you I’m a blast to be around! I love playing, walks in the park andost importantly… TREATS!!! 

How did you discover Pet Play?

Foxxy: There are many factors that lead me to discover Pet Play, but the biggest one is probably my interest in Japanese Neko Anime characters. Being heavily into nature and having a strong passion for the outdoors, I've always thought it was amazing for a human to have animal traits like ears and tails and I wanted to be just like the characters I saw in Anime. I started searching around the internet and came across many online stores that make custom ears and tails that you can wear! While searching, particularly on Instagram, I quickly found that there were many people who wore these ears and tails to participate in something called “Pet Play”. My curiosity eventually got the better of me and I slowly started to research what Pet Play was and found it to be something I was really interested in. After doing thorough research I saved up enough to buy my first hood and on the 16th of May 2018 I stared my journey into the Pet Play community!                   

 What is it about foxes that fit you personally? Do you feel you have grown from the discovery of Foxxy?

Foxxy: Apart from foxes being my favourite animal, as a person I feel that my personality matches that of a fox, one hundred percent. Foxes are very shy and timid animals and this is true for me too. As a person I am very shy and I sometimes lack confidence in what I do. Foxes are also very independent and quiet animals and this is the same for me too, I love being independent and I enjoy my own company and I also prefer to stay quiet and observe rather than be outgoing and talkative. Despite this, the discovery of Foxxy has helped me to grow as a person and has helped me to overcome these traits in some aspects. While I am being Foxxy, whether it be at events or at home, I can let go of my introverted personality and I become more of an extrovert, where I can freely interact with people and be confident and outgoing. However, as soon as I come out of my head space I quickly revert back to my normal shy and quiet self.           

Do you require gear/costume to find your pet play head space?

Foxxy: Yes I do. However I don’t need to be fully geared up. All I need is my hood to get me into my headspace and that’s it.    

Are you active in the UK pet play scene?

Foxxy: Yes I am! I regularly attend a social Pet Play event every month in Birmingham UK called “Scritches”, where lots of pets come to socialise and play! I am also always looking for new events to attend and participate in!   

What activities do you partake in as a pet? What’s your favourite?

Foxxy: Like mentioned in the first question I love to play! Especially with other pets, but also on my own too. Since I am a forest dwelling animal I also love to take walks in the park and be in nature! Another thing I love doing is taking photos and videos of myself in my head space and posting them on my Instagram, so people can follow along in my journey and see what I get up to in the community! 

How long did it take for you to become comfortable with pet play in public?

Foxxy: I’m still not one hundred percent comfortable with Pet Play in public. For me its split into two sides. On one side I'm not comfortable with wearing my obvious kink/fetish gear out in public, such as my hood and harness etc, if I don’t have a reason to. But on the other hand, if I’m going to a pet play specific event where there are other Pet Players around, then I’m 100% comfortable with wearing my gear in public.                         

Do you communicate with animal sounds, if so, which kind? Do you still allow yourself to use ‘human words’ whilst playing?

Foxxy: Yes I do! I sometimes use Yips and wines to communicate and I also still use “human words” too when necessary. 

Do you ever feel insecure in your identity as a pet? If so, how do you combat this?

Foxxy: I’d say I don’t feel insecure about my pet identity. I am very confident in my foxy self! 

Do your friends and family know you participate in pet play? Do they understand it?

Foxxy: My brother knows because he is into Pet Play too and the only other family member that knows is my Mum. I’ve explained it to her but I don’t think she understands it.   

For you, what significance or meaning does a collar hold?

Foxxy: It depends on how the collar was received or given. If I was to gift a collar to my sub or my sub gift a collar to me, it would have the meaning of ownership and commitment. However if I was to just buy a collar for myself it would be for aesthetic purposes only. Me and my partner both wear chains with locks attached. This signifies to others that we are both taken and owned.    

Why do you participate in pet play is it for sexual pleasure or for appeasing anxiety, or maybe stress?

Foxxy: I participate in Pet Play for a few reasons. I mainly do it for the social aspect as I love going to events and meeting other Pet Players. I also do it as it’s a way for me to escape the “real world” and it allows me to forget about the things that stress me out and make me anxious in day to day life. I also participate in it for the sexual aspect too. Me and my partner sometimes like to include Pet Play in our bedroom routine as it can be very fun.       

Do you believe a relationship can work when there are two pets in it?

Foxxy: Definitely! Me and my partner are both pets and at the time of writing this we have been together for around 6 months and are still going strong! But of course it’s going to be different for everyone.  

Do you have any webpages, accounts, youtubers etc that you’d recommend someone new to the community should check out?

Foxxy: For someone who is starting out I would recommend doing research online to find out more about the subject. If you type in “what is Pet Play” on google there are plenty of pages to explore. Here is a good place to start Safety and consent is number one when it comes to Pet Play, so it is important to research those topics the most.  

Lastly I would just like to thank for choosing me to be featured on their blog! 

You can find Foxxy’s via Instagram:

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