Halloween Release Limited Edition - Tim Burton Striped Set


🎃  Halloween Release - Limited Edition Set - Available for sale Saturday 25th Sept 7pm CET - 5 Sets Premade 🎃 

I am overjoyed with this set! I tried to create a Tim Burton/Nightmare Before Christmas theme with a striped black & white tail and then matching orange accessories. You can pick the collar design you prefer from the drop down menu 🖤 

Please note: All of these sets are premade & ready to ship ASAP. No 3-6 week processing time. This is to allow them plenty of time to arrive before October 31st!

This set includes:

26 inch black & white striped tail with 3 colours of ribbon ties - orange, black & white.

Tail chain with charms

Mismatched black/orange/white ears

Collar design of your choice with oversized pumpkin bell

All fur items are made with luxury faux/vegan fur. The fur is long pile, making it soft and silky.

The matching ears are trimmed to create their kitten shape, with fluffier pieces left at the edges. All ears have elastic tabs at the base, allowing them to be moved and positioned upon the headband.

The collar is made with best quality lace, velvet and satin. The Hardware is durable and tug proof appropriate for playtime. The base of the collars are made from a soft nylon for strength.

Collars are made to 12.5 inches, unless stated otherwise.

As the majority of items are handmade there may be small variations in production ❤