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Halloween Release - The Triple Goddess Collar

€26,00 €18,00

🌙 Limited Edition Halloween Release -  The Goddess Collar 🌙

The 'Triple Goddess' Symbol represents the three phases of the moon; waxing, full & waning. It also often represents the three stages of the Goddess herself. The Maiden, Mother & Crone. 

Collar Length: 12.5 Inches

Includes: Goddess Charm & Crystal Hearts

All items will ship within 7 days, leaving time for them to arrive before Halloween! 🖤

All fabric collars are handmade with best quality velvet, lace and satin. Hardware is durable and tug proof appropriate for playtime. The base of the collars are made from a soft nylon for strength.

As all items are handmade there may be small variations in production ❤